Unlimited Finishes

Imagine metal finishes that would be possible to apply in your design without restrictions. Various supports and shapes covered with decorative surfaces.

You are free to design your project.

Liquid Metal

It’s a new use of metal
Imagine metal finishes for all surfaces

Liquid metal is a substance of small metal particules reduced in powder and mixed with resin.

We metallize various supports and shapes by spray application of cold liquid metal.

Once applied it lives and reacts as metal.


We use liquid metal, decorative paints and resin to manufacture bespoke finishes that enrich your interiors.


With liquid metal we bring solutions where traditional techniques fails.


Various support can be metallized: wood, 3D, metal, ceramic…
Plane surface or curved element…

Our technique allows to match existing decoration with the new one, by applying an existing pattern or by harmonizing colors.

Our team can work on site. Our efficient technique allows us to renovate your existing decor in faster time. Or just make the old looks new.


With liquid metal various shapes can be metallized: a structural element or decorative detail, in-door or out-door.

Our 3D printing machines can realize any shape of your design and cover it with custom-made metal finish.

Our technique can also be applied on big scales for complex decorative elements or sculptures.


Solutions for creating exceptional places

  • Super Yachts
    • Elevator
    • Furniture
    • Staircases
    • Ceilings
    • Decorative walls
    • Art
  • Retail
    • Elevator
    • Reception desk
    • Furniture
    • Shop window
    • Displays
    • Joinery
  • Interior design
    • Wallcovering
    • Handles
    • Switchers
    • Radiators
    • Joinery
  • Furniture
    • Doors
    • Sideboards
    • Side tables
    • Bars
    • Tables
  • Hotels
    • Reception desk
    • Furniture
    • Decor
    • Art
    • Lighting fixtures
    • Columns
    • Joinery
  • Window displays
  • Art

Get Inspired

Who we are ?

3000m2 workshop

Our 3000m2 workshop has highly innovative machines that makes us totally autonome on production.

French/Swiss border

We are based in France close to the Swiss border.
Our team can go on site worldwide.

International team

We are a highly skilled international team with different backgrounds: design, handcraft, furniture, yachts…

What unites us all is our passion for bringing technical solutions combined with high level of craftsmanship.


Studio St Pierre is founded by Ed Burke, a scion of a famous textile family in Canada who after developing The Look Company, specialized in visual identity for sport events and retail, realized a long-lived dream in a craft workshop.

Our high-skilled team of designers, makers, project managers and other specialists are based on French-Swiss border at St-Pierre-en-Faucigny.


  • Our technologies
    • Our equipment enables us to meet all your requirements.
      We have at our disposal a wide array of machines: large format 3D printer farm, XL 3 axis CNC router, full size professional paint booth, chroming stations, large format thermoforming machine, XXL plotter and laser cutter, multiple large format digital printers, embossed wallpaper printer, XL flatbed calendar for sublimation transfer onto multi mediums.
  • Our capacity
    • Our solutions can be adapted to your projects both indoors and outdoors as well as public sites (hotel, retail, cruise ships) or private (residential and superyacht).
      We have certifications provided on request to meet your requirements and we can, if necessary, carry out laboratory tests for certain bespoke projects with special technical specifications.
      The handmade production of our surfaces yet our facility allows us to handle semi-industrial.
  • Our flexibility
    • We offer ultra-personalised services adapted to your projects.
      We can apply our finishes in our factory or on site.
      We can manage the production from early concepts and technical drawings thanks to our engineering department (engineer, designer, 3d visualizer).
      We benefit from an experienced team of craftsmen and a large network of renowned partners, specialists in wood, metal, stone or glass working, etc.

Visit us

Showroom France

Champs Plans 160
74800 Saint Pierre en Faucigny
+33 4 58 02 03 75

North America

343 Saunders Road
Barrie, Ontario
L4N 9A3
+1  844 458 9777

Middle East

The Look Company
Building No. 190, Street No.3,
Zone 81, New Industrial Area,
Ad Dawhah Ar-Rayyan
+974 4447 5865